First Python Foray

Needing a way to ingest and process threat intel feeds and having a budget of $0 even the excellent and thrifty EDL Manager was out of the realm of possibility. So I sat down with everyone’s favorite AI chatbot, gave it requirements, then hammered it with question after question, along with a healthy dose of […]

#XFD8 Prologue

One of my favorite aspects of being a delegate at Tech Field Day events is learning about companies and/or products I was previously ignorant of. As such with the eighth installment of Security Field Day kicking off in just over a week I’m particularly looking forward to the presentations from Cribl and Swimlane. Cribl in […]

Securing DNS Through Security & NAT Policies

As part of protecting the corporate network from data exfiltration via DNS tunneling, command and control via rouge DNS servers, enforcement of DNS based content filtering, and other reasons it can be desirable to block all DNS traffic except to corporate run and approved DNS servers. This however can cause smart devices, BYOD devices, and […]